Welcome to Salama Brewing, the STORM of extravagant craft beers.

Our brewery is driven by friendship, shared passion for creativity and love for communal ethos of the craft beer culture.

By keeping your taste buds and minds continuously intrigued, we aim to produce sensations that drive the electrical impulses in your brain wild and make you want to share your excitement with the world.

We want to turn strangers into friends, friends into lovers and lovers into a family that cherishes megalomanic visions, strange stories and bad jokes that always seem to cross at least our minds after a few great brewskies.

the brewery

Salama Brewing Co. was founded in 2019 by a megalomaniac group of four smashed craft beer connoisseurs, and our first batch of commercial beers came out on February 8th, when we had our launch party at Brewdog Helsinki. Our first beers ever launched were Elektro NEIPA and Electrocutin NE DIPA. You can find us at our brewery in Espoo or our bars in Helsinki or Tampere.

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NEIPA, 6.5%

HELLES, 5.0%