You can find our beers from all over Europe. Check your area from Untappd!



Kesko (K-Citymarket, K-Supermarket & K-Markets)

Pien shop (Helsinki)

Deli baker’s (Lohja)

5piste5 (Turku)


SalamaNation (Helsinki)

Kuja (Tampere)

Oljenkorsi (Helsinki)

5piste5 (Turku)

Bodom (Espoo)

Ihme (Helsinki)

Mullikka (Helsinki)

Kumma (Tampere)

Soho (Tampere)

Street Food Factory (Kotka)


These are the bars where you can most likely find our beers (check Untappd for up-to-date info)

Our own fridges

K-Supermarket Kuninkaankulma (Tampere) – Our first own fridge at the heart of Tampere, here you can find the full selection of our 5,5% and below beers

5piste5 (Turku) – The best place in Turku to enjoy various craft beers, including Salama beers from the fridge.

Contact us if you want to have your own Salama Fridge to your shop or bar.

Distributors across Europe

Distant Lands (UK)

Multi bier (Netherlands)

Liquid Influence (Sweden)

DBI (France)

DGB Import (Norway)

Ezo Beer (Japan)

Wet goods (Singapore)