Salama Brewing Co. was founded in 2019 by four friends with a shared passion for beer, bad jokes, and life. In February of that year, we released our first two beers, Elektro and Electrocution, catalysing the brewstorm.

Within a year, we rose among the most beloved Finnish breweries and gained wide recognition in the domestic craft beer genre. Our beer rapidly started appearing on the shelves of craft beer bars, and our brand shone.

Since then, we have brewed over 280 unique beers, without even a thought of stopping. Our brewery is located in the capital area of Finland, and we are quickly expanding our influence across Europe with a mind to take over the world. We aim to create something new nearly every week and conquer the craft beer world step by step and country by country.

We intend to push the boundaries, blending traditional techniques with daring new flavours for something extraordinary. A sour with raspberries and vanilla? Delightful. An imperial stout with mashed Runeberg tortes? Let’s do it.

We juggle hops and flavours to create high-quality modern craft beer that will drive the electrical impulses in your brain wild and make you want to share your excitement with the world. Our philosophy is emancipation from nostalgia and open-mindedness for change.

Craft beer is the ultimate denominator of our community. We challenge people to step out of their comfort zone and wander into unexpected, if not transgressive, directions.

Beer art is a critical part of our identity. It invites you to explore alternative universes and mind-blowing plots. Every Salama beer has its own deep-diving and expressive lore. Ville Saarikoski, one of our co-founders, meticulously portrays these stories on our beer covers.

We unleash extravaganza not just inside of beer, but in its outer design. Beer art is full of yet undiscovered corners; we are here to make them shine.

Our brewery is driven by friendship, a shared passion for creativity and love for the communal ethos of the craft beer culture. We want to turn strangers into friends, friends into lovers and lovers into a family that cherishes megalomanic visions, strange stories and bad jokes that always seem to cross at least our minds after a few great brewskies.

The core to our brewvolution



We don’t seek to exclude anything or anyone, expect for the idea of exclusion itself. We connect people through modern craft beer
culture. One brewery, one big party!



We believe that craft beer is about phenomenal experiences and unexpected directions. We aim to provide people stimuli that calls for creative interpretation.



We are here to blow it up and create something unique, embrace the future. We encourage people to encounter new things, think differently and enjoy beer


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